Why a film festival?


The Family Care Foundation has regularly arranged seminars and conferences where we invited speakers from around the world. After our latest conference in April 2013, we thought that something else is needed, something that includes more people than those involved with social work, psychotherapy etc.

We need to discuss how psychiatric diagnoses are simplified frameworks and about the belief that psychotropic drugs can heal when there is both research and actual experience that tell a different story.

A few of us decided to travel to Mad in America’s film festival in Arlington, Boston, USA in October last year. It became quite quickly apparent that this was something we should be doing too, because a film festival is something totally different from just another conference. Film, art, theatre and music are powerful mediums. They can inspire, set emotions free and move us just like life itself. A film festival is also open for anyone to attend; my grandmother, your husband, school teachers, a neighbour’s neighbour, psychiatrists, members of parliament and even the prime minister.

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