The festival’s first guest has arrived!


I’m driving the car to the Landvetter airport; outside the windows, I see the autumn clear and colorful. I’m on my way to pick up Laura Delano, who has been an important person to me in the planning and realization of the festival. Tomorrow, Daniel Mackler arrives, followed by Dylan Tighe to do his sound check at the Grand Theatre. Everything is becoming suddenly more real.

It’s been a year of intense planning, coordinating and realization. On many days, this energy springs from anger at the knowledge that people seeking help in some of their worst moments in life are met with psychiatric care that ignores their humanity. Other days, it has come from the conviction of the need to recall that humans are so much more, both larger and smaller, than genes, neurotransmitters and other things in the brain that I do not even know the name of.

I am proud that we, in a few days, will open the door to the Great Theatre and Driving Us Crazy film festival here in Gothenburg.

A warm welcome this weekend!

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