Songs from the Silent Voice

Songs, av Saerún 17 jan 2007 007

Today feels like a big day.

The Teater InterAkt with actress Nina Norén is rehearsing the show ‘Songs from the Silent Voice’.

It is a great honour to invite this important show to our film festival.

It’s real life stories that need to be told, it’s those that will set in motion the big changes!
The show is Nina’s own story, but at the same time it’s also about thousands of other people. It tells the story of when everything breaks, about being described with inhumane words by a healthcare system, about the balance between life and death and about waiting in despair for a contact person to finally appear and then to have only 10 minutes to discuss death and perhaps life. And it’s about what can help.
Incredible to be so touched by a show when it’s only a rehearsal with three people in the audience, I can only imagine how captivating it will be to see the show with you all in October at Stora Teatern!

Read more about the play here.

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