Patrick’s Day


This heartbreaking and moving film is debated, talked and written about in many different contexts as it clearly and openly raises questions about what is “normal” and what is “crazy” and leaves the viewer to self-assess and to identify with the various characters and events.

The film is appreciated for its clarity but also criticized for being unclear in its message about the causes of the tragedy described. Before we decided to have the film we talked about these different aspects and decided that the issues the film raises are of great value to discuss. What happens to a child who does not get confirmation of what he or she feels? Or to a person who is not allowed to keep his or her own reality? Why does a parent act the way this mother does? And is it possible to recognize oneself in this film, identify with one of the characters or with all of them? The film’s director Terry McMahon from Ireland will come for the Film Festival. Take the opportunity to listen to him, question and comment on his film. And most of all don’t miss this film!

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