Only three months left – but first: summer break


So here we are, in Sweden, in the middle of summer and it is just three months until the doors open at the Great Theatre and the Driving Us Crazy Film Festival. The program is almost finished and what a program we have to offer to all of you! Films, researchers, practitioners, artists and activists from around the world!

From October last year until today, we have each day carried the idea, the vision and the determination to make this real. Mostly it’s been amazing to see how the project grew out of hard work and how more and more people worldwide are interested, get in touch and realizing that there are many ways to express oneself, think and feel about being human in our world. Like when we told that Lucy Winer’s film Kings Park would be shown, it took no more than a day before more than 1,000 people around the world had noticed and talked about it. And that we succeeded in finding the film Philadelphia Network in the Swedish Film Institute’s archive was fantastic, it made us feel like detectives on a case to solve. But there have also been days or rather nights when we only lived on hope and when not even that existed nonetheless we continued. So after intense months, we are taking a few weeks break to return with sunshine in the bloodstream. Once back, follows some suspenseful weeks until the festival starts where we will give everything to make this the important springboard for change it can be. In this you are needed to spread the festival around the world!

Keep in touch and definitely see you in October!


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