Mettes Voice


We saw the Danish movie Mette’s Voice for the first time at Mad in America film festival in October 2014 in a fully seated cinema at Regent Theatre outside of Boston. We remember the intensified mood, how we all followed Mette, a woman who wanted to tell a story, through Katrine’s camera lens. Katrine’s voice explains the experience of being behind the camera, all the new questions she started asking herself.

There was a definite feeling that it made a big impact in her life. Katrine visited the Family Care Foundation a weekend when all the family home participants in our organization were meeting. We saw the film together and afterwards I heard:

“… could it be this way?”

“…I recognize it from the…”

“…I think of that guy who lived with us for a year.”

“…The movie made me happy… and so upset.”

“…It made me sad but also hopeful.”

“…something must change!”

“…Why aren’t more people aware?”

We’re happy to tell you we are going to show Mette’s Voice at our festival! Read more about the movie here.

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