Healing Homes

healing homes daniel

Daniel Mackler has become an ally and important person at our work place, and his film about the Family Care Foundation has created an ever broader network and reminded us even more about the importance of trying together with others to find alternatives to the dominant medical model.

The documentary film Healing Homes describes Family Care Foundation and some of the people involved through the lens of Mackler, and it focuses specifically on the people who bring both diagnosis and experiences from psychiatry. It shows how ordinary life, love and dedication might be a strong indicator for life changes, but it also shows what it takes from each and every one participating in the commitment.

Mackler has been travelling around the world the last five years and met a lot of people – those called patients, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, nurses, scientists, and so called ordinary people. We are honored and happy that he decided to create a film about our shared efforts, doubts, beliefs, experiences, dreams and visions. He will be around during the days – and welcomes people to have a chat. Take the opportunity!!!

Read more about the film here.

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