Tickets are sold by Stora Teatern. Get yours here.

Included in the price of admission are three packed festival days, a social evening and the film club.

Ticket prices

1 200 SEK (approx. $140 or 130 €) if you pay for yourself

2 400 SEK (approx. $280 or 260 €) if your employer/business pays for you

Support someone to get to experience the Film Festival!

Our hope and vision is that the Driving Us Crazy Film Festival will be the beginning of a new era and contribute to a more balanced and accurate description of what is called mental illness. Help us realize this vision.

Participants from twelve countries entails costs, despite the fact that all our guests are extremely modest when it comes to fees. Most of us that work with the festival work voluntary and yet we expect an economic loss.

We don’t want anyone to be forced to stay home during the Driving Us Crazy Film Festival for economic reasons. That’s why we need your support to raise financial contribution to those who can not afford to pay the full ticket themselves.

If you want to contribute, insert any amount into the following bank account:

Bank account: 718-8782
Iban: SE3550000000050371057566

Don’t forget to mark your transaction with “fond” and your name so we know where it came from.

Every penny counts. You can make a difference.

Who can apply for a contribution to his/her ticket?
Anyone with an interest in what we call mental illness or that have experienced it, either by themselves or through relatives. Please email your application to

The Family Care Foundation is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation.