There is a Fault in Reality

Fault in Reality DVD cover - with award

directed by Tom Cotton, 2014, UK

Roughly 1% of people in the UK suffer from something called ‘schizophrenia’, yet there is little agreement about what this represents, what causes it, or how best to treat it. Despite thousands of research studies, if you’ve been diagnosed with this ‘disease of reality’, it is unlikely that anyone will have asked you about your experiences – these are not considered scientifically meaningful. All these contradictions pose an important question: if ‘schizophrenia’ represents a fault in reality, with whom does this fault lie?

In There is a Fault in Reality, writer, director and psychotherapist Tom Cotton explores the stories of three people – Jon, Peter and Jacqui – who’ve all battled with ‘schizophrenia’, with varying outcomes. Through them, we enter a detailed insider’s view of ‘schizophrenia’, which bears little resemblance to what we think we know. As their stories unfold, the voices they hear are revealed to have clear meanings, and to have identities that are anything but ‘mad.’

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“This is one of the most important films ever made about psychosis.”

- Professor John Read, award winning researcher and co-author of Models of Madness and Prejudice and Schizophrenia

“A moving and informative film about ‘schizophrenia’… a real stigma buster.”

Richard Bentall, award winning author of Madness Explained and Doctoring the Mind