Theatre InterAkt – Songs from the Silent Voice

Songs, av Saerún 17 jan 2007 007

Songs from the Silent Voice is a theatrical performance about a woman in the middle of a deep crisis that leads to care in a mental hospital. Her whole existential foundation is cracking and she finds herself left with only her loneliness and the question “Who am I?”

Current and critically acclaimed about psychiatry and about being human in need of help.

How do we want to be treated if we lose our grip?

In a collage of poetic and documentary texts, images, movement and sound, Nina Norén portrays a life crisis and the long way back. Despite the serious subject matter, the performance is warm and full of humor and has a content that affects us all.

The story is built on Nina’s own experiences and it is partly a true story. But above all it is many people’s story!

Theatre InterAkt is an independent theatre group based in Malmö and Lund, Sweden.