Mettes Voice

Documentary by Katrine Borre, 2014, Denmark

Mette is 43 years old. A trained nurse. Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia. After 15 years as a psychiatric patient, vast amounts of medicine and 150 electroshock treatments, she is finally starting to see her way forward. Mette’s Voice, which tracks Mette’s life during four years, is a warm and thought-provoking film about hope and mastering your own life. Denmark ranks as second in the world when it comes to the use of psychiatric drugs. “Mette’s Voice” has become a strong testament against a traditional one-sided focus on medicalization of mental distress.

”I am currently cutting down on my medicine, after many years. The film gave me hope and courage to face the future. Thank you.”
– Tina

”This film has a strong statement, and m ay be of great importance for psychiatry in the future. Go for it! ”.
– The Outsider (Magazine)

”Here is an example of a film that has come into being because the director urgently WANTED to contribute to the current debate within the world of psychiatry and to give it a human face.”
– Lasse Jensen, Journalist