Healing Homes

healing homes

Healing Homes, a feature-length documentary film directed by Daniel Mackler tells about Family Care Foundation’s work in general and about their work with people who previously had been “psychiatric patients” in particular. In an era of multi-drug cocktails and psychiatric diagnoses-for-life, Macklers film shows that it is possible to recover from psychosis. The organization, founded more than twenty five years ago places people who have been failed by traditional psychiatry in family homes, which is a kind of foster homes as a start for a whole new life journey.

The family homes are chosen not for any psychiatric expertise, rather, for their compassion, stability, and desire to give back.  Former “patients” stay with these families for a year or two and become an integral part of a functioning family system in an ordinary life context.  Psychotherapists in the organization provide individual psychotherapy, supervision and meetings with all the people involved during the whole stay.
The Family Care Foundation rejects the use of psychiatric diagnosis, and works within a framework of striving to help people come safely off psychiatric medication.

Healing Homes weaves together interviews with clients, family homes, and psychotherapists to create both a powerful vision of medication-free recovery and an eye-opening critique of the medical model of psychiatry.