Elias’ Angels and Demons

Elias hersi1

When the room is getting smaller, the walls are coming closer, and darkness increases. When you get isolated, locked up and trapped in yourself. When the sorrow in your heart and the frustration within you grows – what do you do? How do you get out of it?

After having put the very worst and most difficult years of his life behind him, Elias eventually reached a fork. It wouldn’t be possible to go on living with constant anxiety, despair and anger.

The lack of joy and the longing for well-being gave Elias the strength to find an outlet, a vent, to get all the dark off his chest and let the light in again. The search of giving life a meaning had begun.

In the middle of the night Elias woke up with the plan all laid out – to make a documentary film about the music which had saved his life. Without any budget, with just a simple camera, an electric guitar and a guitar amplifier, the foundation of the film was made together with a few good friends.

While editing the film, something seemed to be missing. Elias got the question if he didn’t have anything more to share? It then was time for him to take off his mask, to dig out all the pain and the evil, once and for all. For the first time ever, Elias felt he had to get to the bottom of his life, to tell his story, and that it had to be done completely open-hearted and honest, or not at all.

This is Elias story.

What had born as a thought in the mind, which grew in the heart, now has been given life in the shape of a film with sound, image and music.