Conversation with Barbro Sandin

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Journalist and filmmaker Lars Lejring tell about his film: Conversation with Barbro Sandin

“In 2004 I made this film that portrays Barbro Sandin, perhaps the most publicized and combative psychotherapist in Sweden for people with extreme inner states. She is also the only Swedish therapist who is well known outside the borders of our country.

Barbro Sandin, who is now retired from active work with patients for many years, became nationally famous during the 70s, when she was in active action vigorously questioned the prevailing view of people diagnosed with schizophrenia. They were considered virtually incurable, since they started their “careers” as hopeless lunatics in our mental hospitals.

Before I made the film I had met and gotten to know Barbro Sandin on several occasions in connection with various journalistic jobs. Among other things, I had her as an expert in connection with two documentaries about psychiatric diagnoses that I made for Swedish Television in 1997. She is also featured in a chapter of the Swedish book “Living with Schizophrenia – care and rehabilitation” which I wrote on behalf of the Schizophrenia Association in Sweden.

My starting point for the film was that Barbro would speak to the point of her life and her professional experiences. The initial material consists of six hours of tapes. From this material, I cut out a story, 37 minutes long.

We made the recordings in Barbro’s home in Lerum outside Gothenburg and at Walla Nursing Home in Ludvika, Barbro’s workplace for many years.”