Closure and Beginning…


Presentation and summary by Robert Whitaker

There is now a growing movement, one that spans continents, for rethinking psychiatry, and this film festival is evidence of that movement. The films that will be shown will raise questions about the stories that psychiatry has told us about the biological nature of psychiatric disorders, and how their drugs fix chemical imbalances in the brain, and they will urge us to discover a different reality, which, I believe, is our shared humanity. And if you dig through the scientific literature, you find that science also tells of a failed paradigm of care: the biological causes of psychiatric disorders have not been found; the field’s diagnoses—as even leaders in the field now admit—have not been scientifically “validated;” and the drug treatments help far too few people to get well and stay well. Art, science and a humanistic philosophy are all coming together to challenge us to rethink how we care for our children and for one another, particularly during times when we are struggling with difficult emotional and mental states.

45 min, English.