A New Life

Directed by Carl Pontus Hjorthén and Martin Jönsson, 2014, Sweden

A mysterious package with a surprising content leads to a journey of discovery in art history, a journey through the most squalid artists’ quarters of the 1930s to the most prestigious salons of today. Working under miserable economic conditions and fighting their inner demons, the Gothenburg Colourists created their own Expressionism, where paintings were considered to be poems expressed through colour instead of words.

One of these artists, Inge Schiöler, spent 30 years of his life in a mental hospital. When he was released, he moved to a cabin far out at sea on the Koster Islands and began a new life. A New Life, an art documentary about madness, love and liberation, reveals for the first time how it all happened.

On this journey of discovery, we meet relatives and friends of the Colourists. Some well-known Swedish personalities who appear in the film are Tomas Tranströmer, poet, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature; Andreas Eriksson, artist; Johan Cullberg, writer and psychoanalyst; Håkan Wettre, art critic, art museum curator and writer of books about art; Ann Smith, poet; Arne Öhnell, journalist and artist; Krister Schiöler, related to Inge Schiöler, Ingrid Schiöler, psychologist and equal rights activist.

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