How do you get the message out…


Hey, hello we have some important stuff here!

It’s about human life, how we treat our self’s and others, about solidarity and the society we live in, the society we still believe we can influence and take part in.

There is so much out there, a constant flow of information, quite overloaded actually. Still we are convinced that the questions raised with this film festival are important for all of us since it’s about humanity.

So today we sent out 300 emails, tried to reach as many Swedish journalists as we could and what we learnt is that if sending 300 emails at once the computer server will crash…

Today the Film Festival Pin arrived!


Isn’t there something rebellious with a pin? Showing you are taking a stand. And it can also be a little something to decorate your bag or your jacket.

Today the Film Festival Pin arrived! 


Be sure to get one at the festival to show you’re taking a stand, that you are rebellious in your own way and to tell you support the festival.

We are getting closer, only 18 days left…

Talk about it, sing about it, write about it!


We went down town. In high speed we papered the streets of Gothenburg, bulletin boards at Gothenburg university, in cafes and libraries. Sweaty and fun!

Help us spread the film festival! Talk about it, sing about it, write about it, display the program and website. And please contact us and we can send you flyers and posters!






The festival program is here!


Now it’s here! The newly printed festival program. We are happy and proud for all that is offered for three full days. The festival is approaching with great strides!

Come and see the Irish film Patrick’s Day, meet Robert Whitaker, listen to Dylan Tighe and everything else in between.

High time to buy your ticket. The tickets are not personal so it is possible to split the ticket and go one day each and it is still possible to apply for a grant to the ticket from the Fund, where several people generously donated money for anyone that at the moment does not have the financial means to pay the full prize.

The entire festival program can be downloaded here.

And the link to the Great Theatre ticket sales here.

The final program


It’s becoming more and more real that the festival is getting closer. After reading through all the material to the program booklet dozens of times and always finding new small errors to correct, we finally made it to the printers today. Soon we have them here together with the newly printed posters! Exciting!

Now we present on the website all the hold times of the days. Look here to begin to make up you festival plan.

And do not forget to buy your ticket!

Welcome back after summer holidays to all of us!

We start this film festival autumn by presenting all the filmmakers, artists and speakers. Coming from many different countries: Australia, Denmark, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, USA … This great bunch of people will speak about their films, their research and tell their experiences!

So please take some time to read and be inspired and above all be sure to get your festival ticket!

Here you have the link to the Great Theatre ticket sales.

Only three months left – but first: summer break


So here we are, in Sweden, in the middle of summer and it is just three months until the doors open at the Great Theatre and the Driving Us Crazy Film Festival. The program is almost finished and what a program we have to offer to all of you! Films, researchers, practitioners, artists and activists from around the world!

From October last year until today, we have each day carried the idea, the vision and the determination to make this real. Mostly it’s been amazing to see how the project grew out of hard work and how more and more people worldwide are interested, get in touch and realizing that there are many ways to express oneself, think and feel about being human in our world. Like when we told that Lucy Winer’s film Kings Park would be shown, it took no more than a day before more than 1,000 people around the world had noticed and talked about it. And that we succeeded in finding the film Philadelphia Network in the Swedish Film Institute’s archive was fantastic, it made us feel like detectives on a case to solve. But there have also been days or rather nights when we only lived on hope and when not even that existed nonetheless we continued. So after intense months, we are taking a few weeks break to return with sunshine in the bloodstream. Once back, follows some suspenseful weeks until the festival starts where we will give everything to make this the important springboard for change it can be. In this you are needed to spread the festival around the world!

Keep in touch and definitely see you in October!


Closure and Beginning …


We are delighted that Robert Whitaker is part of the film festival. Whitaker is an exceptionally brave and passionate man who makes more impressions than most people we know. It is this extraordinary commitment that is needed to make the big differences.

Many argue that Robert Whitaker has achieved what neither practitioners, researchers, former patients or media have done- with accuracy and persistence he collects and disseminates data and current research around the world. Whitaker reveals something different than what is usually presented about psychiatric drugs and psychiatric treatment. His work has led to actual changes both in psychiatry and in science.

Robert Whitaker will summarize the festival’s three days and point toward a future in which we all have a mission – to take a serious talk with ourselves, with our doctor, friends and colleagues about how we act towards and speak about ourselves and each other. We have a responsibility to find out what it takes to create better conditions for social justice changes.

Your participation in this Film Festival makes a difference!

Read more about Robert Whitakers presentation here.

Leaving Psychiatric Labels and Drugs – a conversation between five women


The conversation between four women about their experiences now becomes a conversation between FIVE women! Now we proudly present Fia Backstrom from Sweden, working as an artist and art teacher in New York. It was after the TV-show My Two Lives at the Swedish television in which Fia attended as we got in touch and asked if she would like to participate at the festival. We wanted to invite Fia based on her experience of having received a psychiatric diagnosis and that she found other ways to live her life than those psychiatry marked out for her, which meant lifelong medication. We welcome Fia Backstrom together with Åsa Moberg, Olga Runciman, Laura Delano and Mette Ellingsdalen and look forward to listening to their conversations!

Read more about each person here.