Elias’ Angels and Demons

Elias hersi1

Late Friday afternoon at our office, the phone rings. Doubt. Answer? Even though it is time to go home and let the weekend begin? In the handset a man presenting himself, Elias Hersi, he has just finished a film about his own journey, his own experience of life. It’s called Elias’ Angels and Demons, and he asks if it could be something for the Film Festival.

The week after Elias visit us, and we watch his film. It is poignant and poetic, it is full of Elias own music and some of the people he met and it seems like he have had a special ability to receive help from them. Elias says “The film was a heavy burden to bear, and if you can not unload your heaviness yourself then you must dare to ask for help, do not hesitate a second!” 
Come see the film and meet Elias!

Read more about the film here.

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