Closure and Beginning …


We are delighted that Robert Whitaker is part of the film festival. Whitaker is an exceptionally brave and passionate man who makes more impressions than most people we know. It is this extraordinary commitment that is needed to make the big differences.

Many argue that Robert Whitaker has achieved what neither practitioners, researchers, former patients or media have done- with accuracy and persistence he collects and disseminates data and current research around the world. Whitaker reveals something different than what is usually presented about psychiatric drugs and psychiatric treatment. His work has led to actual changes both in psychiatry and in science.

Robert Whitaker will summarize the festival’s three days and point toward a future in which we all have a mission – to take a serious talk with ourselves, with our doctor, friends and colleagues about how we act towards and speak about ourselves and each other. We have a responsibility to find out what it takes to create better conditions for social justice changes.

Your participation in this Film Festival makes a difference!

Read more about Robert Whitakers presentation here.

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