The acceptance of
the black hole

I have recently started to read a new book written by Marcia Bartusiak who is a professor of the Practice in Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The book is about the black hole in universe and how scientists and people in common over many years of doubts and struggle have come to accept such a phenomenon. Bartusiak quotes a famous saying “All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed: and third, it is accepted as being self-evident”.

That is a comforting thought and more than so, I deeply believe there will come a day when that which today is defined anti-psychiatry will be seen as common sense. There will be a day when people wonder how could it be possible to treat human life dilemmas with pharmaceuticals and how come so many children and young people were defined mentally ill without taking into consideration the context which surrounded them.

Yesterday I met with Peter Senge, known from his best seller book The Fifth Discipline. He told me about a project called Roca Inc. close to Boston where “troubled” young kids are met in a radically different way than what they are used to, and how this difference makes such a big change. For all the people connected to the project.  He talked about the method they use, but so he said, of course the most important is the dedication each and every staff member show in daily practice.

I thought about my own work place and that which has been possible to create over the years, all the meetings between very different people and how these meetings have made a change. For all of us. When our organization was created it was seen like ridiculous – how could we believe it would be possible for “ordinary people” to deal with those called clients who had stayed for a long time in prisons, institutions and mental hospitals. We were sometimes accused for not being either scientific or serious. And it happened pretty often that people from outside said that we were not even “real therapists”. Today we know it was possible- and more than so-we meet more people than ever. Both at our work place and in many other places all over the world.

People who are trying to make a change in a system which has to be changed, for a more sustainable and humanistic way of dealing with human life dilemmas. It makes me happy to read about the acceptance of the black hole and it makes me happy to hear about Roca Inc. as it does to know we are many people all over who in different ways find a way to reach the truth about what is important in human life.

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