Creating space for life changing meetings to happen…

My doctorate thesis is an attempt to find out what is the most important in my experience as a psychotherapist in The Extended Therapy Room. In the Conclusion part it says:

“In the end of this research project I realize that I also have a wish to influence therapeutic practice and inspire others to extend the therapeutic room in order to create space for life changing meetings to happen, not only for the person called client but for each and every one who is involved…As the research has developed and progressed I see very clearly how the experience and knowledge described here is possible to make use of in many places and contexts where the mission is to meet people who by different reasons have a need and wish for other people in their lives; in psychiatry, social service, and school just to mention some” (Håkansson, 2014, p 187).

After more than 25 years as the managing director for Family Care Foundation I have decided to resign and to move on. More than anything else the years have taught me essential things about life and human life conditions, for better and for worse. It has also given me a chance to meet with some dedicated, wise and great people. Many of them are not professional “helpers” but something else. Both during practice and during research it has become clarified how The Extended Therapy Room (Håkansson, 2000) has enabled a mindset that stems from the idea that neither people nor meetings can be captured and classified through a specific method or manual. It is about something else, something that has to do with being a human in all its complexity and beauty. It requires taking a stance, and to include oneself as a human spiritual being in a social and political context.

Very soon a new foundation “The Extended Therapy Room Foundation” will be created with the main purpose to place therapeutic work where it belongs, in a social and political context including knowledge and experience from art, science, and ordinary life. To be part of a global network with the mission to create possibilities for an equal and sustainable world.

During the film festival Driving Us Crazy you will get to know more about visions, concrete plans and people involved. For those of you who have no possibility to attend please stay tuned, more information will soon be available here and elsewhere…

I am so looking forward to meet with people from near and far, and to try together to make essential changes happen.

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