It takes a lot to make dreams come true…

It has been a busy and wonderful time since coming back home from US, and one of the reasons is our coming Film Festival Driving Us Crazy which every day creates a lot of joy, hope and new allies. Of course it is also difficult at times, sleepless nights, worries, and things to sort out. But overall it is a blessing to be part of a growing and strong network. To get to know people from near and far. To realize how very many people all over sharing dreams and ideas about how to create a better world. People who talk and express ourselves in different ways, live in different places and contexts, working with different things, struggles with different things.  And still, so many similarities. So many things we have in common. So much knowledge we share.

When Hanna said “Let’s make a film festival in Sweden” after we had attended the MadinAmerica film festival last autumn it was still more of a vision than something which would come true. And at the same time, I kind of knew it would happen – that we together with many others would make it happen.

And so the work started, and as often, if we had realized from the beginning how much it would take, it would probably had been nothing more than a dream. As is also the case with Family Care Foundation, if from the beginning we had known about all the difficulties, and things to solve, we would not had started it. I am so happy we did not realize what it would take. I am so happy that we, surrounded by others – from the past and in the very moment- dared to make the dream come true

It is a very good thing not to be able to realize beforehand what will happen in the future. The main thing is to know there are people around, and to know one is not alone. It is essential to take part in other people’s experiences, and to be inspired. To gain hope, trust and to dare to take a stance and to follow one’s heart.