After our vivid vibrant film festival and about the attempt to alight

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 Photo: Katrine Borre

After three intense and beautiful days and nights, we were standing on the Big Theatre’s stage with roses in our arms saying goodbye and see you again. Brought dozens of boxes to our cars and went home … Slowly the festival’s strong days filled with emotions, people from near and far, remarkable films, music and talks began to sink into the internal system.

One year of planning and preparations all of a sudden found its own life at the theatre, was embodied before our eyes. The festival became an independent body that pulsed, breathed, danced, dived and emerged in the presence of all the people who were there. Thanks to all of you who came from near and far, sitting in red velvet chairs and watched film after film. All of you who entered the stage with films, presentations and music. Altogether we represented people from 15 countries!

The pulsating life was nothing we could plan beforehand – only provide conditions to make it happen. So Warmest Thanks to All of You!

We are now in the middle of reading your blogs, your email, text messages, and viewing photos that you send and so we are experiencing everything again…

There are many who contact us, who want to be part of this important work. We will get back to you as the days go by. There will be time to link together, connect and to extend this great network of people in Sweden, Scandinavia and the rest of the world. That is one of the missions with The Extended Therapy Room Foundation.

Let´s keep in touch!!!

Ps: to alight after this experience is not something that is done in a few days. It will need time to rest, and to meet the just ordinary work and life with cleaning, washing and to eat.

Hanna and Carina


Photo: Martin Olsson

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