The festival


Something’s not quite right…

Human dilemmas and reactions to difficult life situations are increasingly defined as poor mental health and mental illness with major consequences for both the individual and society. Psychiatric diagnoses have doubled in the last decade and more and more new ones are coming. A large number of people are signed off sick in connection with these diagnoses. An exponential increase in psychotropic drugs are prescribed, especially to children and young people, without sufficient knowledge about the effects on both the body and the soul. A fast growing market in psychotropic drugs. All of this creates an increasing concern – should it really be like this?

Our international film festival presents contrasting pictures to the definitions we usually face as though they were the truth.

During the festival, experiences and current research will be described that focus on human encounters, relationships and the essential importance of context. Not least, it will focus on the importance of social and political perspectives.

Family Care Foundation, in collaboration with MadinAmerica, invite you to three days of challenging and awareness-raising films, lectures, personal experiences, research, theatre and music.