A visit to the theater group Teater InterAkt


On the train heading south to Lund in Sweden to the theater group Teater InterAkt where we will be discussing the film festival.

The sea outside the train window looks wild and beautiful. The landscape and the sky is full of grey and brown hues, waiting for green and blue of the spring.

The morning has again been spent going through all of the items in the festivals program. Counting and making the most of the minutes of each as some breaks, of course, need to be included.

How do we decide what to do without so that something else can have its place? A delicate problem. There’s so much knowledge to be shared, so many important and fantastic films and people. 
We want the program as a whole to contain stories about society today, the history of psychiatry, firsthand accounts from psychiatric survivors and from practitioners as well as recent research from around the world. 
Looking back at the past as well as the present with much hope for change in the future.

Don’t miss these three days, we really hope you’ll come!

You simply must!

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